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Our top-quality low-cost courses by Dr Ganapathy Krishnamurthi (PhD Purdue) and Dr Balaji Srinivasan (PhD Stanford), who are also faculty at IIT-Madras and Co-founders of INUAID!

Do you wish to see if learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can enhance your career but are afraid that it is too complicated for you to learn? Or do you wish to see how Python can be useful for digital applications even without Machine Learning?

At INUAID, we believe that no subject is too complicated to be taught to those who are eager to learn. We believe that learning can be made accessible to anyone who is sincere and is willing to work hard and systematically. Our vision is to provide very high quality cutting-edge courses at a very low price.

In accordance to our vision, we are initially offering two streams with three courses in each stream. The streams will train a beginner in programming to become adept at using Python in Digital Applications and Machine Learning applications, respectively. The parts within each stream are as follows:

1. Mastering Practical Python for Digital Applications.

Introduction to Programming with Python ( 10 hours )
● Intermediate and Advanced Python ( Registrations yet to open )
● Digital Applications with Python ( Registrations yet to open )

2. Mastering Python for Machine Learning Applications

This has 3 courses with 10 hrs of content in each course --

Introduction to Programming with Python ( 10 hours )
Introduction to Machine Learning with Python ( 10 hours )
Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python ( 10 hours )

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