Introduction to Programming with Python (10 hours)

Python and Machine Learning Mastery >> Introduction to Programming with Python (10 hours)

: The purpose of this is to train a person who has no idea about programming or Python to be able to write simple applications and programs confidently in Python. Several applications will be discussed in context of the material being taught. At the end of the course, the student, apart from being able to exhibit basic proficiency in Python, should also be able to understand what general programming is, and its relevance in the modern IT revolution.
  1. Introduction to Programming and Python
    1. What is a programming language?
    2. Need for programming languages
    3. Compiled vs Interpreted languages
    4. Python interpreter
    5. How to write and run Python programs on your computer or online
    6. Your first Python program
    7. Basic programming elements in programming languages
  2. Basic Python Constructs
    1. Data structures in programming
    2. Data structures in Python
      1. Lists
      2. Tuples
      3. Strings
      4. Sets
      5. Dictionaries
      6. Immutability
      7. List Methods
  3. Intermediate Python Constructs
    1. Loops
    2. Conditional Statements
    3. Functions
    4. Creating a simple application with Python
  4. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and Packages
    1. What is OOP?
    2. OOP in Python
    3. Packages in Python
    4. Applications
Instructors -- The instructors are Dr Ganapathy Krishnamurthi (PhD Purdue University) and Dr Balaji Srinivasan (PhD Stanford University). Both of them are faculty at IIT-Madras and are co-founders of Inuaid.

Special features of the course
  1. The course will be offered in a mix of Tamil and English so that language is not a barrier to understanding. (If there is demand, a separate pure English version may also be created.)
  2. This consists of 10+ hrs of lecture videos with practical code walkthroughs.
  3. There will be multiple unsolved exercises given for practice and to build your confidence.
When -- The course is delivered via  recorded videos which you may watch at your own convenience.

Fee -- The course fee is Rs.1,500/-

Willingness to work hard and the enthusiasm to learn programming on your own.

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