to our Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Digital solutions capabilities to power-up your digital transformation initiatives. We convert your domain expertise into an AI enhanced product.

INUAID, incubated by IITM Incubation Cell. Stay connected with us for our updates!

Our Vision

To help Organizations, Communities, and Individuals through our Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Digital solutions, products, consulting, research, and training services.

Our Principles

1. Make stakeholders awesome!

"What incredible benefits can we give the customer? Where can we take the customer?" Steve Jobs used to ask his colleagues. At INUAID, we ask how can we make our stakeholders awesome? This include folks who use, buy, sponsor, partner, or make our products and services. We learn their context, pain points, what holds them back, and what they aspire to achieve.

2. Make safety a prerequisite!

Safety is both a basic need and instrumental to deliver high performance. We actively make safety a prerequisite by establishing safety before engaging in our work. We protect stakeholders' time, information, reputation, money, health, and relationships. We strive to make our collaborations, services, and products resilient and safe.

3. Deliver value continuously!

Anything that isn't delivered isn't helping any of us become more awesome or safe, right? At INUAID, we ask ourselves, "How could valuable work be delivered faster?" Delivering value continuously requires us to divide larger amount of value into meaningful smaller portions that may be delivered safely now rather than later.

4. Learn rapidly through iterations!

We can not make stakeholders awesome, make safety a prerequisite, or deliver value continuously if we are not learning. We learn rapidly by identifying small meaningful scope of work to do in iterations. We make our iterations safe-to-fail so we are always courageous to perform more iterations. When we get stuck or aren't progressing enough, we take it as an indicator that we need to learn more by open and transparent discussions with stakeholders and performing more iterations.

Our Offerings

DigiTech Solutions

MedTech Solutions

EdTech Solutions

Our Portfolio

What we have created?

AI solutioning roadmap

We propose the following Artificial Intelligence-ing Roadmap for our customers with clear phases and deliverables. Our engagements stand-out from most teams with an unmatched openness and transparency in our communication. We deliver AI Solutions in 3 levels of engagement - AI Enablement, AI Enrichment, & AI Transformation...

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AI solution prototype

Today, even in some 5 star hotels' auditorium meeting gatherings, someone is planned to stand near the entrance with a manual clicker head counting. Headcount numbers actual-turnout is critical for the food & return-transportation arrangements...

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Inventory stock application

Implemented for US/India customer as a Desktop-Cloud application to improve operational efficiencies...

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HR payroll application

Implemented for India customer as a Desktop-Cloud application to streamline payroll processing for 2,000+ associates...

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Online courses

We have a foundation course in AI, ML, and Python and more courses towards mastering ML and Digital applications development...

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