(*) Inventory stock app product solution
(*) Payroll app product solution
(*) Histopathology app product solution
(*) Covid-19 identifying app product solution for Scaling Testing      


(*) Inventory stock app product solution: We have successfully implemented a desktop-cloud based app solution and implemented for a global retail organization few months back. This is readily available for roll-out for any retail organizations, which require an inventory stock app at a highly affordable pricing model.

Customer appreciation: “Very happy with the progress.. Thank you team... Cannot stop saying thank you..”
  • Next planned module is the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology feature for recognizing the retail products in and out of the warehouse or retail store through our mobile phones or a desktop PC fitted with webcam.

(a) Add Product, 
(b) Search Product (any letters combination search),
(c) View all Inventory,
(d) Edit Product,
(e) Home screen displays top 10 high inventory
(f) One common repository of products inventory for all stores

Technology: Python, MySQL, Desktop, Cloud (Optional)

(*)  Payroll app product solution: We have a desktop-cloud-based payroll app for any organization in India.
  • Next planned module is the AI/ML technology feature for the workers contact-less entry & access monitoring system and integrated with the Payroll App.

(*) Histopathology app product solution: We are going to develop a Histopathology product app solution with AI/ML technology feature in collaboration with few carefully chosen hospitals.

(*) Covid-19 identifying app product solution for Scaling Testing: Our nation might soon face shortage of dedicated testing kits. So we need to scale testing for Covid-19 and we propose a new testing protocol with Chest X-rays. Doctors frequently use X-rays and CT scans to diagnose pneumonia, lung inflammation, abscesses, and enlarged lymph nodes. Since Covid-19 attacks the epithelial cells that line our respiratory tract, we can use X-rays to analyze the health of lungs.

“Our radiologist doctors attends to 8 to 10 cases per hour. AI-based tools can increase efficiency to 20 or more cases per hour,” says Dr. Sunita Maheswari in a recent NASSCOM community discussion. Our market research with few doctors & hospitals also confirmed the unrealized potential of AI/ML technology solutions to assist radiologists.

Nearly all hospitals have X-ray imaging machines. We'll use X-rays to test for Covid-19 without the dedicated test kits. X-ray analysis requires a radiology expert and takes significant time, which is precious during exponentially growing pandemic. Therefore, we are developing an automated analysis system using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to assist & save medical professionals valuable time. 

We have developed prototypes in X-ray image analysis and comparative analysis of images. Therefore, confident of scaling testing for Covid-19 with Chest X-rays with this product app solution in collaboration with the hospitals that are currently treating Covid-19. Following are the key features of this product app solution:

* Assist radiologists and clinicians in providing accurate and rapid diagnosis
* ML/AI-based diagnosis will learn constantly from new patient data, observe & learn from what the doctor is doing with the images, their annotations, their notes, etc., to improve diagnostic accuracy over time
* For large patient studies and high patient throughput scenarios, this’ll be the first line of diagnosis which can then be reviewed later by a radiologist.
* After being trained on a cohort of patient data will be continually trained (a background process) by the radiologist using the same for diagnosis and thus significantly improving the productivity of our radiologists.