Our AI Solution Prototype

Today, even in some 5 star hotels' auditorium meeting gatherings, someone is planned to stand near the entrance with a manual clicker head counting. Headcount numbers actual-turnout is critical for the food & return-transportation arrangements.

In industries involving manual workers, 100s or 1000s go inside & come out within a restricted entrance. Only in professional jobs, name & specific identity of employees within premises are important for leaders to know/accountable at any given time. Whereas in manual work jobs, in many places, it's sub-contracted and just the head count is monitored, tracked, & payments settled.

Admin departments of many Orgs are directly accountable to these questions, "How many are inside the premises?", "Are you sure there is nobody inside the premises NOW?", etc.,

INUAID, an IIT-M alumni & faculty & digital solutions experts organization, is well positioned to provide high-quality low-cost solution to the above scenarios. Hope you saw the AI solution prototype video presented above.